Bended Knee Cowboy Church

Here at Bended Knee Cowboy Church, we worship in the recreation room in the barn at Hillside Farms. Many of the people that come to Bended Knee Cowboy Church come directly from work, so please do not dress up to come to barn! You will look out of place! Our focus is on God, not on how you look or smell. There are many different types of people that choose to come to our Cowboy Church. Some have decided to make this the only church they come to while others come while still attending a traditional church on Sunday.

Cowboy Church

Cowboy Churches are one of the fastest growing non-traditional church groups in North Carolina. The goal is to reach the cowboy culture and anyone who will listen. Instead of meeting in a traditional church building, Cowboy Churches meets in barns, stables, riding arenas, and other different styles of buildings. Here at Bended Knee Cowboy Church, we meet in a riding arena and barn on a farm. People sit in fold-up chairs or on bleachers, wear cowboy hats, ball caps, boots, tennis shoes, jeans, and other casual wear or work wear. NO FANCY DRESS CLOTHES! Worship services may include an opening ceremony involving horses, local music groups will perform, and then a simple Bible message. Our authority is the Bible and our commitment is to Jesus Christ.